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What is Birthing Undisturbed? 

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

When you look up the definition of Undisturbed it means to be Free from emotional and mental agitation by Merriam Webster Thesaurus.

If I tell you, you can have a birth that is free from emotional and mental agitation would you believe me? I am here to tell you it is possible. I believe birth can be this way. It takes a lot of inner work and it takes full ownership and responsibility over your birth. To me the best way to achieve this is by having full autonomy of your body, trusting birth, believing in yourself and something much bigger than you. Think about the ways you can make this possible, could it happen at a hospital or do you feel a homebirth will give you more freedom?

We can't control the outcome of our births, only God is in charge of that, but we can create our environment. Creating an environment that conducts peace, calmness and safety. Keep in mind the people you want around and the energy they will bring. Where do you see yourself birthing during meditation? Dim the lights, hang up some affirmations and make your space as cozy as possible.

Creating the most peaceful atmosphere will bring you closer to being free from emotional and mental agitation. Most of labor and birth is mental preparation. The rest is trust and surrender.

So, this is why I created Birthing Undisturbed. I was chosen to walk with women through their journey. Birthkeeping is a calling and I am following my call. I experienced an undisturbed birth, calmed without mental agitation. In full love and safety of my family and home.

As your birth companion I will guide and walk with you to find your truths, to tap deep into what makes you feel safe to maximized a positive birth outcome.

With Love,


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