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Supporting Women and Families

Birth is a life changing event, but with my nurturing support, you will learn to be comfortable with the idea of giving birth. As your doula/birthkeeper, you can count on me to make sure you feel confident throughout the entire process.

I have created a few lists with birth kits and postpartum necessities along with other helpful links to websites with valuable information. Most of these items were a must for me. I hope that you find this helpful.


Birth Kits

Radiant Belly have very affordable birth kits. They have 3 different kits to chose from. I order the one in the middle for my freebirth in 2019 it wasn't more than $40. I end up not using all the things it came with. It also comes with a standard peri bottle. Radiant Belly is used by midwives they have tons of items. They also carry some herbs and tinctures. I was really impressed with their costumer service. Always recommend them.

In His Hands also carries homebirth kits, herbal products, water birth supplies, tinctures etc.

Postpartum Care

I have marked some items "must haves" but honestly anything on this list you will thank me later. Of course this is more of a guide; purchase according to your needs.

FREE Postpartum Kits by Mom Loving Moms. For Rutherford County residents ONLY.

Websites & Local Resources

Stay Informed

The following list is not listed in any chronological order.

Here you can find a list of local midwives, ask if they cover your area. Please interview several and book one that aligns with your vision.

Diana Health a group of OBGYNs and Certified Nurse Midwives for hospital births. Highly patient centered, individualized care, childbirth prep class, wellness and metal health practice In Smyrna, TN.

Ready Nest Counseling local facility in Nashville for postpartum mental health and help with postpartum mood disorder and coping with trauma and loss. 

Postpartum Support International support through postpatum mood disorders and trauma. International line. 1-800-944-4773 Español disponible.

Freebirth Childbirth education class for an autonomous pregnancy and childbirth. Doesn't matter the setting of your birth, this class will bring you the knowledge that you need to make empowered decisions. You'll also get 10% off on my butters and womb oil with proof of registration. 

Courtney Stallworth, RN does Childbirth Education and Lactation Counselor in Murfreesboro. Visit The Equipped Mama 

Donor Human milk Bank Mother's Milk Bank of Tennessee

Nashville Breastfeeding Coalition

Nashville La Leche League email at

Pregnancy and family centered Chiropractors: Milestone Chiropractic (Murfreesboro) & Elemental Chiropractic (Nashville) Hablan Español,

Amanda Johnson provides hypnobirthing classes visit Gentle Voice Prenatal Support 

The Healing Oracle Apothecary Local Herbalist. For all your herbal needs throughout your journey. 

Taking Back Birth Podcast by Maryn Green Independent Midwife and creator of Indie Birth Association, author of A Story of Radical Birth Love with partner Margo Blackstone, Independent Midwife.

Evidence Based Birth by Rebecca Dekker, RN if you are more into numbers and science. Author of Babies are Not Pizzas and podcast EBB.

Virtual Birth Collective to find an autonomous birth worker near you and monthly Moon Circles. 

Spinning Babies balance, gravity and movement techniques to help and facilitate baby's position and ease pregnancy discomfort with in-home daily essentials stretches. I can guide you on how to do these as your doula. I attended the Spinning Babies Workshop in May of 2020.

Your Whole Baby is an organization dedicated  to bring awareness on circumcision. for assistance with food stamps, childcare, medicaid.

Rutherfod County Health Dept. filing for birth certificate, social security card, proof of pregnancy, WIC, lactation consultant.

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