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Wrenn Rising Photography



Doula & birth photographer, mom of three; ages 20, 5 and 2. Yup! I am that mom that started all over. I always knew I wanted to do things differently this time around from when I was 16. We are a co-sleeping, bedsharing & breastfeeding family who practice conscious parenting. The journey has been healing now that I am older and wiser.


  • Caribbean, country, a little hippie, a little womanist, a little crunchy.

  •  I love nature and everything it was to offer. 

  • I am known for trying new things, the determination in achieving my goals and for my calm energy.

  • I dream of having a big successful garden.

  • The freebirth of my son completely transformed me and the reason I do this work. 

  • I believe there is beauty and magic in the rawness of birth and worth capturing. You are a badass, don't forget!

  • If I had to choose between a mansion in the city or a tiny home in the woods, I'll pick the tiny home where I can see the stars at night.

  • My approach to life is to go with the flow, be kind, and let go what’s not worth suffering for. Life is about balance. Even though I beat myself up for having more than three iced coffees in a week.

  • Cap Sun & Moon, Aquarius Rising. 

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