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Should I hire a Certified Birth Photographer?

Let me tell you a little of my "why" to offering this service. When I was planning my homebirth with my last baby I dreamed of having those beautiful birth images we see on Instagram. It was my first and last time at birthing completely in my power. A beautiful hands off, intimate, physiological, undisturbed freebirth. I wanted to have this photos for the days when depression settles in I can be reminded of the badassery of the woman I am. Well... I didn't get to have a professional photographer but, I do cherish the few blurry phone pictures I have. I'm still just as badass 😎

I decided not to hire a photographer because I was protecting my birthing space at all costs. The less people present the better outcome I'll have. I really didn't feel like absorbing another energy to deal with in the room. That was three years ago. I whole heartedly believe that if I could've found a doula that was offering birth photography, I would have hired her instead.

Birth photography while is increasing in popularity it definitely wasn't as popular then. I do believe the pandemic gave life to birth images since people couldn't have their families present more and more folks hired photographers to document the moment. With it, also came more doulas choosing to do both. With the hospital limit visitor policies and gathering restrictions having a professional that can offer both services was a win win for all.

Being able to document your birth is a gift to you and your child for years to come. When you reach those delta waves and are in a higher state of consciousness you will wish you could go back and put the pieces together. When we go so far into labor land everything is a blur. You can be in this space for a few hours or days. Not knowing what day or time it is. Having a time-line of your birth is beautiful and healing. It help us process what just happened and love on ourselves and our family a little more.

When you hire me as your doula you have the option of adding birth photography to your package. I will deliver high quality edited images that will inspire, heal, bring joy, power and confidence every time you look at them for the rest of your life. Birth is beautiful in any setting and deserves to be documented.

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For more info on birth photography and having a doula you can email me directly here .


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