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My "douling" approach

I get ask a lot what is or how is my doula approach. Since I am feeling creative and on a self moon retreat, I will let you in on this.

My doula approach goes way more than just douling. That's why I consider myself a Birthkeeper and rather use this term to describe what I do. I am highly invested in my clients; its my personality as an empath. You can say compassion is my middle name. I always want to give more and go the extra mile for people. I am sure it will catch up to me one day. I just can't help it! It is for this reason I choose to only serve two birthing families per month.

I believe getting ready for birth its all mental. Our bodies and babies know how to birth and be born. Where we get stuck is in our heads. Unfortunately, that is our culture or societal conditioning. Thanks to all the wrong portrays in movies and all the horror stories that we were told. So, how does my work will look like when you hire me? I am a super holistic-go--with-your-gut kind of person. Though, I understand not everyone is on the same path but the destination might be the same. I meet people were they are and work with them to the point of their comfort.

Birthing Undisturbed is where evidence based meets intuition.

I like to work with my clients with building spiritual, heart center practices. Connecting to their selves and the spirit of their babies. Learning physiological birth, the stages, the phases, the behavior, what to expect. Listening to their bodies and their gut (intuition, spirit) along with evidence based information to also make wise decisions. Birthkeeping is a holistic approach to alternative care focusing on body, mind and spirit and that's what I do.

Once we change our thoughts about childbirth everything else changes. We become more positive, we start to believe in our ability to birth, we gain confidence, we become more clear on what we want our birth to be like. Creating a positive birth outcome in our heads and coming into labor without fear. It let us let go, to surrender. Surrendering and leaving room for no set expectations but staying positive its my approach.

You already have what you need within.


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