Mammalian Birth

Updated: May 19, 2020

It was by no mistake that God chose me to experience mammalian birth. A birth just how He orchestrated to be. An organic birth. A birth so raw and so beautiful. He reveal to me He wants his people to go back to this. To trust His creation. He chose me to share my experience and wisdom so that we start healing now and for future generations.

Birth is beautiful and trans-formative. But we have made it this fearful event and relinquish all our autonomy and intuition. We have given our power away to someone who "knows more than us". Truth is no one can know more than you! You know why? Because you are the only one inside your body. Everything that is perceive outside of you are people's assumptions of what's happening. Yes, I understand that birth can turn into a medical event but its rarely an emergency when we let things unfold how they are supposed to.

If you need guidance through this trans-formative experience seek a birth worker that honors birth as a rite of passage. A birth worker who trust birth. Pregnancy and birth its a journey, take your time to grow, do research, tap into your intuition, seek the answer to all your questions. Let fear come, embrace it, use it to built confidence and let it go. Most importantly carry a positive mindset and vision for your birth. Ultimately believe in your ability to give birth; you were design for this.

Take your power back, you autonomy, reclaim your Divine feminine force. Own your birth. God created us with this capacity. It lives in you!

It's imperative that if you are going to have people attend your birth that they believe in you just as much as you do. Think about the energy these people will bring in a time where you need to feel safe, private and unobserved to have an undisturbed mammalian birth. There are birth workers all around the world who believe in this new ancient paradigm; the low profile, silent mother figure sitting in a corner. Seek them, find them we are here!

I leave you this article with great examples of mammalian births from different cultures around the world and the importance of letting our hormones flow

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