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Why I’m in birth work

Hi! Erika here... I created Birthing Undisturbed for families who want to honored physiological birth (childbirth in its most natural, safest form free from interventions, allowing your body to go through labor under its own innate power). I believe that the need for caring, sensitive and knowledgeable support during this time is becoming more apparent. More people are fighting for their right to birth how they want or looking for other options. People want to take charge of their experience while being conscious of who will be attending and the energy they will bring to your birthing space. Choosing a familiar birth companion that can be trusted and be comfortable with takes time, I am here to provide that for you.

I see every pregnancy and birth as a miracle. One that should be respected in all choices and decisions. As a radical birth worker, I feel honored to be able to contribute my wisdom and share this sacred most intimate and spiritual time with women and families in the Middle Tennessee area. I provide guidance and support through pregnancy, birth and postpartum; simply as your heart desires. I support homebirths; assisted or unassisted and occasional hospital births with the right client.

You can learn more about me here. For a list of my services click here.

Free 60 minute Consultation!

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Free Placenta Service
Free placenta service when you book a doula package. This offer will be up until December 31st! Good for due dates the remainder of the year and 2021.

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"And in healing Birth, we are healing ourselves, our babies, and the Earth."


Birth companion
Cuarentena healing
Womb healing
Belly binding
Lotus birth
Placenta preparation


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